Teenage Gluesniffers

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TGS are a punk rock band from Milan, Italy and since May 2006 played nearly 150 shows touring Italy, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Scotland, performing in great clubs and festivals as La Skaletta (La Spezia – IT), Festa Radio Onda D’Urto (Brescia – IT), The Rambler (Eindhoven – NL), Old Angel (Nottingham – UK), Fighting Cocks (London – UK), Subway To Peter (Chemnitz – DE), Bannermans (Edinburgh – UK) just to name a few, with such bands as Accelerators, Anti Flag, Apers, Manges, Copyrights, Crooks, Dangerfields, Derozer, Dopamines, Griswalds, Jizz Kids, Johnie3, Leftovers, Murderburgers, Priceduifkes, Queers, Rappresaglia, Senzabenza, Skimmer, Zatopeks and many many more. We’ve released a 7” split with Los di Maggios from France. Their first full lenght is finally out on Mind Rot Records and Rocketman records so check it out!

ST – Split 7″ con Los di Maggios – 2008, Knowhere records
Nervous Breakdown – CD – 2009 Mind rot records/Rocketman records
Itlian Idiot – CD comp. Green day italian tribute – 2010 Da Kila records


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